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Our Surveys

All of our surveys are carried out using experienced Surveyors and we can provide fixed fee quotations. At AB Survey Solutions we have carried out many surveys of differing specifications. From simple topographical surveys detailing boundaries and buildings to complex city centre measured building surveys.



Measured Building Surveys

The use of laser scanning to capture 3D data of a building or structure enables us to provide measured building surveys in 2D and 3D formats.

Topographical Surveys

Using the latest equipment we produce true to scale plans of natural and man-made features with position and height information.

Utility Surveys

Used to locate underground pipelines and wires to locate water, power, gas, telecommunications, fibre optics, and drainage

3D Laser Scanning

Allows us to survey large structures as accurately and as fast as possible with the highest level of detail.   

GPS Surveys

Provides high precision data points, tied into the Ordnance survey GNSS network.  


From standard outline elevations for early planning applications to highly detailed elevations for conservation works.



Floor Plans.PNG

Floor Plans